Wednesday, January 28, 2015

saving me

the sickness did not leave our home. kendall got a fever (we're talking 103.1 kind of fever) at 2AM sunday night and again monday night. these were horrible sleepless miserable nights. poor baby. after talking to my FIL (who is a pediatric nurse practitioner) i decided to take her into the doctor. they tested her for the flu but luckily it came back negative. it's a mystery, this virus. i hate it. and i want it to go away. 

after the doctor visit, i got myself some caffeine, and put on a brave face and called my mom. i gave her the update and how the appointment went. i was so down. and just plain exhausted. we are going on week three of sickness around here. no sleep people. serious. a couple hours later she called me back informing me that she and my dad were on their way down to help me. to save me really.

they ordered take out from the mandarin, and took care of everything. my laundry got folded, my dishes done, things straightened up, and of course, they held and loved my girls. they were good company too. james had school until 9:30 so it really meant more than they know to have them come. i was an inch away from having a meltdown/breakdown, but they swooped in and saved the day. brooklyn loved having them there to give her all sorts of attention, and kendall appreciated having someone else hold her besides her mommy. 

i could spend the rest of my life trying to repay my parents for everything they've done for me and i wouldn't even come close. they truly are the greatest and i am so lucky they're mine. 

thanks again mom and dad. i love you and am more grateful for you than you'll ever know.

fingers crossed that maybe we are on the downside of all this yucky sickness...

come on wednesday!

Monday, January 26, 2015

pancakes + visitors + sunday

the weekend started off with pancakes. lots of pancakes. macadamia nut pancakes first, and then later, with kayla & judd and haley, blueberry pancakes. i was feeling some pancakes. can't get enough!

there was a last minute sleepover with the crew we had for pancakes and we were thrilled. espeically brooklyn. kayla, haley, and i stayed up late talking and laughing and it was so fun. such a breath of fresh air after two weeks of sickness, whining, and lots of nose wipes. 

in the morning, there was a lot of cereal. thanks winco.

we said goodbye to our visitors, straightened up the place, and then i headed to the gym. a whole week of no work outs did not feel good. i came home, got ready, got the girls ready, and we headed off to dinner with jeremy and chelsea at a nice early dining time. we dined and then met back up at our house for a good chat sesh. the girls played and the adults chatted. nice and low key.

sunday morning came way too quickly. the girls have not been sleeping well which obviously means i'm not sleeping well. it's been pretty miserable. so my kind and loving husband took the girls so i could sleep in. we have one o'clock church now which should always result in sunday morning sleep ins. it was our first sunday at our new ward and it went pretty well. james took the girls home after sacrament meeting (they were coughing too much) and i got to enjoy church without standing in the hall with a baby. relief society was so awesome. great lesson and super nice sisters in the ward. 

the girls were dressed in spring colors for church. i couldn't help myself. i'm ready for spring. january has been so nice and with no snow, i'm ready for the warmer temps and budding flowers. who isn't? and how cute are they? 

the rest of the afternoon/evening was rough. brooklyn was whining/crying almost always, and kendall didn't want to be put down. james was working on homework so i was holding down the fort. ugh. i ended the night with heartburn and a loaf of rice krispy treats. 

after she got some rice krispy treats in her tummy and watched an episode of jake and the neverland pirates, she was back to her happy self. life has been rough and definitely not stable for a long time, and brooklyn has really struggled with it. we're hoping that maybe this week (fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc.) as we get back to our regular routine, she'll be more content.

but if not, there's lots more rice krispy treats up my sleeve.

h a p p y  m o n d a y !

Thursday, January 22, 2015


like i mentioned on tuesday, james has been sick. still is a little bit. he's been banished to sleep in brooklyn's room the last two nights. the girls have been sleeping with me and i've ended up sandwiched between them. james has picture proof if you really want to see it. anyway, the cold bug just won't leave our house. it's out stayed it's welcome and we are not happy about it. january has been beautiful and we've been cooped up at home being sicklies. luckily for this mama, i've avoided the worst of it. knock on wood eighty times i don't get it!

the girls are playing together more and more and i love it. kendall gets super bummed when brooklyn is playing with her and then up and leaves the room. she wants so badly to get up and chase after her. darn it. that'll come way too quickly i'm afraid. 

having both of them in high chairs has been awesome! brooklyn really struggles to focus, sit at the table, and eat a meal. keeping her in a high chair really is for the best. she loves kendall's company and vice versa. at night before bed, kendall gets really giggly, and brooklyn can make her belly laugh so hard. it makes james and i laugh so hard, and soon we're all laughing. good happy times.

tonight, we scored some furniture at saver's that i'm way excited about, including this chair that will quickly (hopefully) become our birthday chair. i've wanted to do this since before brooklyn was born and i've always been on the lookout for a specific kind of chair. i was stoked to find it. plus, it was 4.99. not too shabby.

and of course, when i explained to brooklyn what we're doing with it she was so excited! 

h a p p y  t h u r s d a y !

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

all i can muster.

after a monday of laundry, a trip to ikea, and a sick husband, a few pictures of the girls is all i can muster. i love these two more than i can ever express. even if they're whining, crying, making messes, pooping on their cute clothes, or pooping on my cute clothes. 

i love them every day.

here's to a good tuesday!

Monday, January 19, 2015

sick week.

happy monday! and hooray for a new week! we spent most of last week sick. kendall with croup, brooklyn with a cold (that came with a fever), and me with exhaustion and sore throat. not the best week we've had. 

and it's sad because last week started out really well. we went to dinner at brooklyn's favorite join, pizza pie cafe, and all was well.

then as soon as we got home, the croup cough came out of kendall's mouth and i wanted to crawl in a hole. croup terrifies me! so, we prepared for a long night. my MIL is still here, and thank goodness, she took the first shift and let james and i go to bed. that was definitely the worst night, though the next two weren't much better. tuesday brought a trip to the instacare so that we could at least get some steroid medication in her system. poor sweet baby. and really, we didn't really leave the house much after that.

kendall wanted to be held all day long, except for right after her first nap. she was pretty happy and willing to sit in the high chair for a little bit while i got a few things done. not many though. brooklyn also needed me every second of the day. there was whining and crying, wiping noses, refilling humidifiers, giving medicine, taking temperatures, and snuggling these sick girls of mine.

there were lots of little walks outside the house as well. kendall all bundled up, to breathe in the cool air, and i was grateful to breathe some fresh air too.

the morning i woke up feeling the worst, i was determined not to get any worse than i already felt. so i made a big pancake breakfast and seriously felt better. pancakes can fix a lot of things. so can a shower. every day after breakfast, the girls and i would hop in the shower to get nice and clean and also to let kendall breathe in the steamy air. even if we all just crawled back into jammies afterward. brooklyn loved it. showers with all three of us at the same time takes some planning, coordination, and might i add, skill. but we did it. we won't be doing it again soon, but good to know i can do it if it came to that again.

i was so happy thursday night when the girls really seemed to be at the tail end of their sick days because friday morning was my cousin kileigh's wedding. i didn't want to miss it. my MIL and SIL watched the girls while i went to the ceremony (so nice to be 15 from downtown slc!) and then i went back home to get them ready for the luncheon. james joined us and we had a great afternoon visiting with family. so much so that we decided to drive down to springville for the reception later that evening.

finally, the 6 of us all together!!!

it was beautiful! but i wouldn't expect anything less with my aunt kayelani being in charge. the newlyweds were happy and of course exhausted, and we loved celebrating with them!

the highlight of brooklyn's night! she is obsessed with weddings right now. getting to hold the bride's bouquet put her right in her happy place!

the food was delish: we're talking paninis & soup, fancy desserts, and steamers. not to mention this super fun photo booth. safe to say, the girls weren't quite sure what to do. i don't think their expression changes once. ha!

i loved spending time with cousins, aunts & uncles, my siblings, grandparents, and of course my little family. i also love when my girls get to play with my cousin's kids. i love love love it!

kileigh was a beautiful bride and i am so happy for her!

we're excited for this week to unfold, more organizing and unpacking to do here at the new house, but mostly excited that we're all healthy. i'm going to be pulling out the rest of our valentine's decor and hopefully getting all our laundry done tomorrow. there's a lot of it! i can't say enough how grateful i am that i was able to be home this week with my sick girls. that i didn't have to go into work or have other obligations. that my focus could be on them. i don't thank james enough, and even though he said all week that he was glad he was at work and not dealing with a hectic sick house full of girls, he would have been home too if the grown up world allowed. so thanks hun! thanks for taking care of us so that i can take care of our girls! it's my dream come true.

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

Monday, January 12, 2015

monday + feeding

the weekend came and went like a flash. james spent most of his time helping his parents get everything squared away at cream gables and everything moved into this house. he loved the time spent with his dad before he flew out early saturday morning. james and i checked out a cute little breakfast shop in town and had a nice slow morning. by noon, i needed a pick me up so i headed to the gym. i ran three miles under thirty minutes which is pretty dang good for me. i definitely have a love/hate relationship with running.

the rest of the day was just the girls, tori, and me. my parents stopped by for a quick visit and that was fun. we ended the night with costa vida, james and i carrying a nice big heavy desk into the house, and shakes from pace's. sunday was nice and relaxing as it should be. and here we are at monday again. i've been to the gym, the laundry is going, and we've all had breakfast. i couldn't help but take a few pictures of brooklyn feeding kendall. pay back for the picky-spit-out-everything eater she was. it was pretty funny. but she loved it. and kendall, well she mostly hated it.

the girls are getting over colds and we're hoping this is the week that they'll finally go away. we'll be finishing laundry up and hopefully getting our valentine's decor up. it's felt much too bare around here without the Christmas trimmings.

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

Friday, January 9, 2015

getting anxious...

we're just a little anxious for valentine's day over here. something to do with the post Christmas blues. and most especially because brooklyn is obsessed with hearing all about the next holiday as soon as the most current one is over. she loves it! so right now she wants to wear red and pink and ask me a million times a day what we're doing on valentine's day. here's what we did last year, the year before, and the year before. [looking back at these made me cry!]

i had to buy the girls these matching dresses. i love dressing them the same!

i bought brooklyn this red heart clip for valentine's day, but she insists on wearing it random times during the day. i told her it didn't go with her dress, but she insists that red and pink go together for valentine's day. can't argue that.

and my sweet little kenni. she's just happy to hang out with her mommy and big sister always. that is her happy place. even more so if all the attention is on her. 

and i think we're all happy that it's friday. that means james is around and we can't wait to spend a little time with him. he started school again and we definitely missed him tuesday and thursday evening. we live for the weekends around here!

h a p p y  f r i d a y !