Wednesday, September 17, 2014

a night of reading

monday night we got to go as a family (minus kendall) to my dad's reading foundation kick-off. and just in case you read this and didn't know, my dad is the superintendent of the school district in the community my parents live in. he was an english major and reading in our home was always important, not just to him, but to my mom as well. we were always read to and i am so grateful. 

so, my dad decided to start a reading foundation. 

the night was a success. there were four different stations and we rotated every fifteen minutes, with information mostly for parents on how to read to your child and why it's important. brooklyn was so good and sat through all of it. james and i walked away with two new books, a summit county library card, a t-shirt for brooklyn & a onesie for kendall, and lots of new ideas about reading to our children. the most important thing of all: read to your child 20 minutes EVERY DAY!

thanks again to my dad, his committee, and the presenters, and my mom for watching kendall so we could really sit and listen to the presenters.

h a p p y  r e a d i n g 

Monday, September 15, 2014

homecoming + family pictures

this weekend was jam packed with stuff! we had homecoming, my class reunion, and two different sets of family pictures. even though it was crazy busy and almost impossible to pack for, it was so fun. i secretly love having that much going on!

friday was the homecoming parade and somehow i was roped into putting together the alumni cheer float. oh heavens. thanks to whit, we ended up with an awesome truck and trailer to pull us around. kayla helped me gets some signs done and it all came together. i had some awesome girls come volunteer to ride the float with us. we threw candy and had a great time mostly just chatting on the float. next year, i will not be in the homecoming parade. i'm hanging up that hat for awhile. 

a HUGE thanks to my sisters who always support me. 

after the parade, everyone but whit and i (plus our 4 kiddlets) went to the football game. whit and i relaxed at home, as much as you can with two toddlers and two infants, and enjoyed just being able to hang out together. we had a late night and got up nice and early to get ready for our first set of pictures. kayla was so nice to be willing when i asked her to take pictures for us this fall. we drove down to provo so that we could get pictures in an orchard that i've been dying to get pictures in for years! everyone teased me over this obsession but the pictures are proof that it was totally worth it and made me even more excited to go back there and do them again! 

here are a few of my favorites!

i love them so much! kayla knows exactly what i want and got so many shots that i will treasure forever! now i have to try and pick one for our christmas card. impossible!

sunday evening was our second round of pictures. this time it was with my parents, siblings and their spouses, and all four grandkids. kayla took these as well and again did not disappoint. she had some grumpies and crazy toddlers to work with. it had been over five years since we had family pictures taken so we were due. kayla and judd found a beautiful spot in oakley and the pictures turned out awesome. pictures are just one of those things that make me so happy! family pictures especially. i'm so grateful to have both sets of these from this weekend to cherish and treasure forever. they are definitely keepers.

see for yourself!

i love this next one. not staged at all, as soon as the timer on the camera was about to go off, livi decided to make a run for it. so funny!

h a p p y  m o n d a y  !

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

monday + fall faves

monday actually started off with beautiful sunshine. it totally tricked us and we ended the day with clouds, rain, and some super loud thunder. brooklyn was excited to wake up from her nap and see that it was pouring outside. she wanted to go "play in the rain" and i let her. she got dressed but i made her put on her rain jacket and and a hat. it made for quite the ensemble. she didn't last long, but she said it was worth it.

i think the weather change made kendall an awesome napper today. she took such a long afternoon nap that i had time to fold my laundry and make dinner. the original plan was to take hobo dinners up a canyon and have a little fireside meal for family home evening, but our little parade got rained out so we had to improvise. hobo dinners cooked right in the oven. it turned out to be the perfect rainy day dinner. the pie tin hobo has changed my life. so much better than just the regular old tinfoil. i also threw in a peach crisp for dessert. totally hit the spot!

family dinner is a little more interesting with a newborn in the picture. but this is how we do it and it works. kendall loves being up at eye level with us and i love that we can all be at the table together. i want this always.

^in true hobo fashion, newspaper as a place mat.^

^topped with vanilla ice cream, this peach crisp was bomb.^

this girl is changing and growing every day. and every day i love her a little more. oh the chub.

and now a little bit on my favorites right now. the things that i've been loving as a transition from summer to fall. a transition i usually struggle with (mostly clothing wise), but i've found some things to love while the weather can't make up it's mind.

1. johnson's baby wash - honey apple. i use this on both the girls and love the change-up in scent at bath time. i used to buy this at the beginning of summer when brooklyn was a baby, but i figure fall is a great time too! this smells so good, try it if you haven't.

2. china glaze - ahoy. this polish has been my absolute favorite for the past couple weeks. i almost never paint my nails the same color twice in a row, but this is the exception. the picture doesn't do it justice. it's the perfect summer to fall transition color and it's totally sparkly. i love it.

3. rose gold watch. james bought me this watch when kendall was born. it's not a name brand or anything fancy but i seriously love it. it's just the right color. 

4. victoria's secret lip gloss - punchy. my MIL gave me this lip gloss last mother's day and i always go back to it. it's sparkly, just the right hint of color, and i have been obsessed with it lately.

5. b&bw - twilight woods. i figure that since i switched up the girls' bath time scent i might as well do the same. this scent is so fall to me. it smells warm and cozy and definitely deserves a spot on this list. 

6. sweet-n-swag moccs - golden rose. possibly my favorite on the list. i love their quality and their price. the color couldn't be better. oh my gosh i love them!

i'm really trying to hold off on all things pumpkin for a couple more weeks and these things are helping me do it. i imagine my next list will include chunky socks and a new fall polish color. i look forward to it and can hold off all at the same time because i am loving this warmer-yet-cooler weather. i'm really trying not to wish this year away and enjoy each season as it comes. we'll see how long my patience holds out!

h a p p y  t u e s d a y

Monday, September 8, 2014

our weekend + low quality phone pics

i can't believe the weekend is over. it came and went at the blink of an eye. but it was a good one so i can't complain. after two hours of wrestling the girls at the car dealership getting my oil changed and yada-yada-yada, we started the weekend off right with dinner (for free with a gift card) at texas roadhouse. we went starving and totally enjoyed our dinner. i was a good girl and ate one roll. that's a new record for me. it was melt in my mouth delicious!

kendall was sad not to be eating the delicious food.

and brooklyn loved the peanuts (and throwing them on the ground) and her macaroni and cheese.

eating out can be a little crazy with two, but we managed and had a great night out together. 

saturday was a morning work-out and then a race to get the house clean before heading up to my parents' so james could watch the byu/texas game. it was fun to watch the game with them, and my parents enjoyed time with their granddaughters. we got home a little late, put the girls to bed, and then james and i stayed up watching arrow way too late. we're hooked. 

sunday was good. kendall was a champ again, james and i both taught lessons, and brooklyn enjoyed nursery. the rest of the day we relaxed, ate, and spent outside. it was a nice break from a crazy busy week.

^^^those chubby legs^^^

lots of time playing on the floor, some in their undies, and i loved every minute of it.

the transition to fall slowed down this week with some warmer weather, but it's in the air. we're loving it. fall can come as slowly as it wants because it always comes and goes way too quickly. so we'll be holding on with two hands when it rolls into town.