Wednesday, July 22, 2015

another long summer update.

our summer has been full. busy full. we are exhausted every night when we go to bed and luckily have enough energy for the next fun things the next day. but maybe just barely. i find that i'm mostly tired all the time. we're going going going!!!

but it's definitely been a good fun summer. i feel like we're squeezing every drop out of it that we can. i really don't think we'll have any regrets at the end of it. 

for fhe one night, my sister in law tori taught chelsea and i how to make pupusas. she served her mission in texas/spanish speaking and has made this dish for us before and i've craved it ever since! i had to learn how to make it. it's kind of like a scone, kind of, packed with meat/veggies/cheese, and topped with a slaw of cabbage, carrots, and red onion all mixed with some vinegar and spices. so good!

we decided at the end of the night that our rule for pupusas is you never have to divulge how many you ate. i seriously can't stop myself when i get going. they hit the spot every time!

this summer i've also discovered (and am late to the game) acai bowls. so yummy and so good for you. i definitely think of it as a breakfast food, but in the summer, i could definitely go for one after a day at the pool or lake.

we've had lots of popsicles outside and lots of cousin time. brooklyn and kendall may not remember this summer, but i think if they did, they would say it was an awesome one!

we had a fun evening just our little family at thanksgiving point on our way down to be with judd and kayla at the hospital before judson was born. it was such a beautiful evening. we had a picnic and then walked around and checked the animals and the gardens. nice and relaxing.

 it was a long night at the hospital before judson decided it could be his birthday. oh he's such a sweet little baby. kayla is a natural mother and judson is so lucky to have such great (goofy) parents.

we've had nana (my MIL) in town and that means we get to hit up a few restaurants for dinner. red robin being one of them. brooklyn made a new record for herself and finished her entire order of macaroni and cheese and her side of broccoli. she was pretty proud of herself. 

the boys, the daddies, james and jeremy, whatever ya wanna call them... started playing flag football on saturdays again, so chels and i decided that we should take the girls out for a fun morning since the guys were having fun. we hit up station park and just let the girls run wild on the playground and dance the morning away by the fountains. we also did a little shopping. just a great girls' day out.

that night we went to the outdoor movie at the bountiful pool. it was a cool evening that required jackets and snuggling. sadly, we only saw about fifteen minutes of the movie before it was keni kate's bedtime. brookie was bummed. luckily, she'd seen the movie before.

sunday was mostly a good day. we were early to church, had a delicious roast dinner afterward, but then had to go say bye to my brother and sister-in-law because they were moving the next morning.

they are in for a great adventure in arizona and i know they'll end up loving it down there for the next several years. we'll just miss them so dang much. it just won't be the same without them. but thank goodness for skype and snap chat. we'll stay close and always look forward to seeing them.

for family home evening this past monday, we drove up the canyon and had tinfoil dinners and s'mores. i can't believe we waited this long into the summer to do it. i love tinfoil dinners and s'mores. we'll be doing it again at least one more time before summer is over. brooklyn and kendall loved playing in the dirt and gathering up old bullets/shells. they were filthy by the time we got home. but they were happy.

brooklyn has been getting in bed with us when james leaves for work and the other morning i came back into my room to see this. it tugged at my mama heart strings and i could barely hold back the tears. they really do love each other so much. my brown skinned blonde babies.

today we got to see a bunch of family at the airport for my cousin's return from his mission. i love any chance i have to see my family. we get to see them all again this weekend too and i can't wait! my sisters, mom, and my girls and i hit up city creek for a little shopping. we were able to take a break to hold baby judson. we just love him!!! brooklyn is already asking when she can babysit. ha! but really, we need more judson in our lives. i can't get enough of him!

not pictured is our weekly trips to seven peaks, i always forget to take pictures there. story time is also a weekly venture. we fill up our little pool and swim in the backyard, evening walks, ya know, all those fun summer things. i really am wanting it slow down a little. brooklyn turns four (FOUR!!!!) on sunday and after her birthday, the summer seems to just fly by. it's kind of sad. and i say that almost every year, but then i'm so happy to welcome fall and i always end up ok. i'm hoping to keep this more up to date for the rest of the summer because it's so much better that way. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

cabin trip.

we decided before my brother and his wife moved to arizona for medical school that we better do a cabin trip with all of us. whit and chandler were so nice to organize and get the ball rolling with it. they made sure we all had rides up to the cabin and planned the meals and all that jazz. it was so nice to get 'away from it all' and just be with family. my girls loved it and were in heaven up there.

we ate well: burgers and all the trimmings that night, and a big sourdough pancake breakfast the next morning. it was great. everyone pitched in a little and it worked out that we ate like kings.

hitting golf balls into the pond is always a hit. brooklyn and liv were into this time. i still am not good at it and probably won't be. but that's ok. i enjoy the visiting and eating more.

that night, the guys went fishing and the girls...well we visited, and did a little yoga. 

it was a good evening, just relaxing and visiting, until i got a little sick. i ended up going to bed early and totally missing out. so i need someone to fill in this part of the post. i'm sure a lot of fun and funny things happened. 

gosh we'll miss having these two around all the time!

after a delicious breakfast and before a big ruesch family nap, i walked with brooklyn and liv down the hill a little to pick some wild flowers to make bouquets. brooklyn loved it! flowers are her love language. she ended up giving them to auntie hay. 

luckily, i started to feel better and i was able to enjoy the rest of our little stay up there. getting away and being with family, with no cell service, and just each other... really can't be beat. i love just hanging out with my parents, siblings/their spouses, and my little family. it's my happy place. and i'm especially happy that we got to do it one last time before dev and kenz moved. it will be such a great memory to look back on and tell my girls about. 

thanks again chandler and whit!!!


we got home a little tired saturday afternoon, but not too tired that we couldn't join our good ol friends in clinton for some fireworks. brooklyn was so happy to see shane and i always love hanging out with lee and darcie. they will be dear friends for the rest of our lives. i know that because i'll make them.  :)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

kendall's one year check-up + other happenings

this face.

oh this cute squishy face.

19.1 lbs 
28.35 inches

she started off with a finger prick that didn't even make her cry. mostly because she got a pink band-aid on that little finger. she loved it.

the six shots. not so much. it breaks my heart every time. i hate it. i don't think i'll ever get used to it. she cried for about 30 seconds, i nursed her really quick, and all was right in the world again.

before the doctor, we made an ikea run with chels and ellie. it worked out that brooklyn is having a sleepover at her grandma and grandpa's so chels and i were able to drive together. it makes it so much better. the girls were supposed to take naps on the way down but they kept each other riled up instead. those two. cart hopping the whole way through.

but the trip was a success and we wished we would have timed ourselves because we're pretty sure we were in and out in thirty minutes. crushed it.

in other happenings, we decided to take advantage of $5 tuesdays a the movies and go see inside out. we loved it! so good. i highly recommend it. child or adult. brooklyn loved it too.

we took advantage of being at farmington station and walked around a little bit. it's just an awesome place. it's magical in the summer and a different kind of magical at christmas time.

we went home and promptly did our first sparklers of the summer. both girls were enthralled. i loved it. i love all this summer stuff and experiencing it with my girls. 

salads have been on the brain lately. luckily, my SIL tori that's living with us right now is super into eating healthy so she goes right along with salads and other healthy things i want to eat. this particular salad was freaking good. i call it the 'clean out the fridge salad'. it rocked my world and i wish i could have another just like it tomorrow.

back to our little kenikale (her hawaiian name...that we use more than her real name). she is easily excited, and easily frustrated. her sass can not be tamed and we just love every little thing she does. she's obsessed with her big sister, as long as there is a little distance between them. brooklyn tries to carry her everywhere and kendall would much rather walk. oh she cracks us up. brooklyn gigggles at her all the time and keni laughs right back at her. it's the cutest. watching these two become best friends is my favorite thing right now. 

speaking of that big sister, we are missing her spunky little self tonight. the house is much too quiet without her. 

we love you brooklyn jayde!

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g