Friday, December 12, 2014

#hawaiianthanksgiving last & part 3

this post is definitely more random than the previous two. it's a wrap up of everything else we did in hawaii. one of those being family pictures on the beach. we had the challenges of wind and rain, but found an awesome spot and they turned out great (i can't post them yet, we don't have the rights). these ones are just from my personal camera.

this was from our last sunday there. my in-laws have a beautiful view.

you better believe that the girls were in christmas jammies on thanksgiving night.

the morning after thanksgiving, chels, brooklyn, and i hiked makapu'u for our work-out. poor brooklyn took a nasty spill and was inconsolable the whole way down. 

it was still a beautiful 'work-out'.

we went to the beach a couple more times. though we didn't get good weather until the very last day. 

i'll definitely be dreaming of this come january.

brooklyn would have lived at the beach if it was up to her.

after our last beach excursion, we raced home to get the sand off and head across the island to the polynesian cultural center for the luau. some of my favorite food! those taro rolls are good!!! brooklyn was totally into the hula dancers and came up on stage with james and i for our anniversary dance. she wanted to dance all by herself. she did the hula right next to us and it was adorable. she was so happy to be on stage. at the end, they invite everyone who wants to join in for the last number up on the stage. brookyln wanted to get up there again but i got her up there too late. instead, she got the stage to herself with a couple of the dancers. she was in heaven! 

we all stayed up late that night packing and then got up bright and early to catch our plane. it was rainy and overcast. it made it easier to leave. but man that sunshine will be taunting me in a month or so. our trip was awesome. the girls did well on the plane, and so many good memories were made. we love hawaii.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

#hawaiianthanksgiving part 2

thanksgiving day

it wouldn't be a holiday if it didn't start with a photo shoot of my girls. that's just how it goes. i got them all dressed up in their thanksgiving outfits and matching gold bows and we went outside so we could have my in-laws backyard as a beautiful back drop. brooklyn's skirt was white, hence the towel underneath them.

in their lei's from nana.

for breakfast, chelsea whipped up these cute little guys. they were delicious.

my MIL had a bunch of cute stuff to use to decorate the patio for dinner. she turned chelsea and i loose and this is what we came up with.

dinner was delicious. we had everything from turkey & cranberry sauce, to coconut sweet rolls. 

the turkey was cooked in imu, a traditional polynesian oven pit. i ate as much of that turkey as i could up until the day we flew home!

this picture is an inside joke, so i had to post it.

we went around the table during dinner and named things were thankful for that started with the first letter of our first name. that group was pretty creative. in case you're curious, i said mountains. more specifically, the utah mountains.

kendall was out by the time we were all done eating. no turkey for her this year, but i guarantee next year she'll be gobbling it up.

it was a thanksgiving we'll never forget. so fun to spend it surrounded by family and the beauty of hawaii. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

#hawaiianthanksgiving part 1

our trip to hawaii was awesome. the girls were good travelers. well mostly. every time kendall had to get in her car seat she had a melt down. but not when i rode in the other car (we had to drive two cars everywhere we went, our family is definitely expanding). if james rode with her she was just fine. little stinker. anyway, we had a great time. my in-laws kept us comfortable and well fed, and we got to do lots of fun things. plus, hawaii is just beautiful, so even if we would have just sat outside all day every day it would have been fine with me. 

 (brooklyn and aunt toria reunited/kendall meeting aunt toria!)

(taken by daddy while riding in her car seat. see? happy.)

chelsea and i went on this trip with the goal to continue to work out like we've been doing since august. have i blogged about that? that's another post i guess. anyway, we lucked out because my FIL gets up every morning and works out on base. so chelsea, tori, and i would all get up early (4:45AM hawaii time) and go to either a spin class or a cross fit class. i loved it! we basically saw the sunrise every morning on our way home from hickam, and it felt so good to have a work out in so early in the day. the daddys and my MIL graciously watched the girls every morning and i am eternally grateful to them for that. plus, it allowed me to eat all the musubi and thansgiving dinner i wanted.

our first few days there it took a little adjusting to the heat and humidity. we ventured out and did some fun things. there was macadamia pancakes at boots & kimos (to die for), the manoa falls hike (gorgeous), a quick trip to the ala moana mall, and beach days at lanikai (my fave) and the aulani resort. 

there was also para sailing! my in-laws surprised us when we got there with tickets to go and we were all so excited! even little ol' wussy me. it was way fun! while we did that, my MIL braved the honolulu zoo with the three girls all by herself. so brave! they had a great time and everyone was smiling when we picked them up after our para sailing adventure.

between all of these activities were runs to target and ross. both amazing on oahu! hallmark movies, diaper changes, naps, and all the other fun stuff you do on vacation.

next up: thanksgiving.