Sunday, August 23, 2015

some weekend snippets.

on thursday, the girls and i were lucky enough to have my sister and her sweet baby come for a visit. she starts school again tomorrow (good luck googs!) so she was trying to get in all the fun stuff over the weekend. we loved having them! we grabbed lunch at beehive bakery here in bountiful and had a little picnic on the lawn at the tabernacle. then we browsed the cute stores on main and headed home so the babes could nap.

that night for dinner we had a 'summer meal'. ya know, hot dogs, chips, salad, diet coke. that kind of summer meal. i really start to panic these last few weeks of summer to get every last summer-y kind of thing in that i possible can. so, hot dogs for dinner. we kissed kayla and judson bye and then headed to station park for a little shopping, concert listening, and dessert-ing. 

the four of us shared a cronut and i'm not sure that was the best idea. i could have eaten my own! kendall too. seriously, i think she ate the most of that thing. ok, i did actually. i couldn't help myself. have you had a cronut?!

the last few weeks i've tried really hard to be consistent with 'quiet time' for brooklyn and myself when kendall naps. it's something i have really loved! i'm sad i haven't been doing it sooner. now yes, quiet time for me sometimes means cleaning or organizing something, but for the most part, i really try to do something relaxing. brooklyn's quiet time is usually in her room. she watches a movie while she does stickers, or practices using scissors (she loves cutting! and luckily, i've never had to really worry about her cutting anything but paper. though i know it's risky!), eats a snack, or takes a nap herself. i think she loves it almost as much as i do.

i usually read, fold laundry while i watch something on netflix (either friends or call the midwife. watch both of them if you haven't!), make phone calls, or... you guessed it, nap myself. i used to feel guilty taking time for myself like that, but i don't anymore. i am a way better mom if i have time to unwind and do something enjoyable. seriously. i bet if you asked brooklyn she'd agree.

(back to school + fall books - it nearly killed me to not put up halloween books...)

brooklyn starts preschool next week and she is so excited! right now, i'm excited too. we'll see if having her gone twice a week for big chunks of the day is a good thing for me. she's my big helper!

friday morning we met some friends at the park last minute. it was a nice way to start the weekend. a little social time for the girls and me. win-win!

i was horrible at getting pictures friday evening, and i'm so mad. we went to dinner with james' cousin's family, and jeremy and chelsea. after dinner we came back to our house and just visited. it was really fun and it was nice to get to hang out with 'the cousins' because they don't live super close and we really love hanging out with them. 

i also didn't get pictures of our day swimming on saturday. we went to seven peaks in salt lake only to find they were closed. i'm still fuming over that. so we went to the bountiful pool instead. the girls didn't mind one bit. brooklyn loved swimming with ellie and chels and i got some chatting in so it turned out just fine.

that evening was james' annual usu mba fall kick-off dinner at thanksgiving point. kendall was six weeks old last year so she got to accompany us. this year, my cute cousin watched the girls so that we could go and just enjoy a night out. it got james and i both so excited that he'll be finishing up the program in december. it's really gone by so fast! 

afterwards, we picked the girls up and headed for home. it was bedtime for everyone but me. i had a little last minute grocery shopping to do before the sabbath. we were out of diapers and i made dinner for a cute family in our ward who just had a baby. it was a crazy sunday! but making a nice meal for someone else, also means that you get to eat that nice meal. we found out that kendall loves meatballs and salad with ranch. who knew?

we're ready for another week of summer. the leaves are changing right in our yard and though we're giddy for fall to be here, we really are trying to enjoy the last of the sunshine. gosh it's been a good one. one that will be tough to beat. 


more swimming
watermelon + corn
late summer nights

for just a little bit longer.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

cougar kick-off + other things

on monday, we broke the rules. well, my fake rules. monday is my laundry day and we usually never do anything that takes us too far from home or for long periods of time. i like to get up and get that laundry done. but monday, we had plans to meet friends and possibly one of my sisters at seven peaks. unfortunately, all of our peeps fell through and we just ended up going anyway. i was not about to tell brooklyn we weren't going. so, luckily i'd gotten up early and had two batches done before we headed out the door. 

we stayed and swam and played for about an hour an half. that's the nice thing about living fifteen minutes away. we can come and go as we please and there's not a long drive involved. so we fit everything into our time at seven peaks that the girls love. one of those being brooklyn's favorite, "mermaid lagoon". she's loved it (and named it) ever since we started going. so we usually try to hit it up once or twice every time we go.

when we got home, the girls were both asleep, so i pulled into the garage, rolled some windows down and hurried and showered and got ready. i went and woke up them up shortly after and got them in the tub. we ate lunch, and i finished the laundry. i was determined to have it done! i had it all folded and mostly put away by the time james got home. haley came for a short visit, we ate dinner, talked, and then sent her on her way. 

james went to bed super excited because the next day was the annual cougar kick-off and byu surplus sale. he loves it! brooklyn's starting to too. she remembered going last year so she was way excited. we hit up the sale, where james scored some awesome cleats ($20) for flag football, ate our burgers from jcw's (best burgers!), and then headed over to the other festivities. we got to see my cousin and her cute little family for a little bit so that was fun too.

brooklyn knew she wanted her face painted first thing.

she was obsessed with it!

then we made our way over to the blow up slides. both the girls loved that too, and luckily the lines weren't very long so they go to go down multiple times.

brooklyn was so proud of herself for being brave and giving cosmo a hug. i never thought i'd see the day that my own kids would be cosmo fans. wow. so now we've just got to get keni to be brave. ha! it made for a good picture though.

james tracked down a player he knew and he obliged to take a picture with the byu fans of the family. though, we're still not sure about keni.

i'm not a byu fan, but james and brooklyn love this so much and it's so fun to go as a family and do this together. i can swallow my pride for one night a year and participate in a byu sports affiliated evening. my girls will have great memories of it and james loves sharing that with them. he may not get any sons so he needs someone to love byu just like he does.

we're excited for next year and brooklyn is already talking about it.

the plus of being down that way was getting to stop at kayla and judd's and kiss on baby judson. and eat some krispy kreme donuts (thanks hay!). we ended up getting home a little later than keni's bedtime so she got to sleep in her way-to-big shirt as a night shirt. both girls woke up happy and ready for more adventures today.

and speaking of today, the 40 Day Conference Talk Challenge starts today and i've roped some friends and sisters into doing it with me. i'm super excited about it! i love challenges like this. so if you're at all thinking about it, you should do it, it'll be fun!

Monday, August 17, 2015

those summer weekends...

this weekend was a hot one, but we had too much planned to let that stand in our way. friday evening we hit up the davis county fair. we were smart to take our double stroller because it was much too hot (and sweaty) to be carrying little ones. the girls loved it though. the animals, the rides, and just watching people. they get that from their mother.

(both sad they had to get off the carousel)

keni's favorite was the carousel. she loved it! she wasn't big enough for the other rides, so having to watch brooklyn on them was pure torture for her. i felt so bad. so when james put her on a horse on the carousel she almost couldn't handle it. grin from ear to ear! she loved waving every time they came around. so cute!

brooklyn and ellie loved the 'car ride'. they loved riding it together and just thought the whole thing was spectacular. they were sure to wave every time around too. such a crack up!

it was a little sad to think that in like twelve years, we'll be seeing them like this in a real car. holy cow. scary.

the animals were a big hit. the heat had the girls in the zone so they mostly pointed and gasped. 

saturday morning while the boys played football, chels and i took the girls to corner bakery for breakfast. the food was delicious and the girls loved coloring while chels and i chatted. it was a fun little girls' morning out.

keni thinks she's so big.

we went home, got ready and all dressed up and headed to salt lake for my cousin's wedding. it was beautiful. they're such a cute couple and we loved being able to celebrate their special day with them.

beau/the groom is seriously the cutest.

after pictures we headed home, picking up steak n shake on the way home, and tried having a peaceful meal with two grumpy exhausted girls. kendall went to bed at 7:30. she was done. brooklyn went to bed after me, i was out at 9:30. i slept so well! nothing like a day of wedding and heat to take it out of ya.

sunday was church, leftovers for dinner, and then a nice long family walk. then we hopped on the computer to visit with james' family who are all now spread all over from florida to hawaii. afterwards, we had j&c over for some peach crisp and some nice fresh air out back. it was such a ncie summer night and i'm guessing we won't have too many more weeks of it. we're trying to soak it all in.

buuuut, that peach crisp has a definite fall-like taste to it, so ya know, i was sad about summer leaving and giddy about fall all in one breath. i love this time of year!

we're ready for another week. i'm sure there will be swimming, hopefully something cooked on the grill, and popsicles. 

always popsicles.

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

p.s. kendall is 14 months now. fourteen. you know i can't hardly stand it.

Friday, August 14, 2015

the week.

after our little fhe of tinfoil dinners and banana boats on monday night, we all headed home to welcome james's mom back from florida. she drove cross country with my sister in law who is working at disneyworld this fall/winter. she flew back here for a few days before heading back to hawaii. and when you have guests, you want to get out and do fun things. especially if you're my husband. so tuesday night, we took advantage of $5 movies at the megaplex and we all went out to see the minions movie. we got all settled with our popcorn and everything, kendall in her jammies, and i was hoping she would just fall asleep. the movie started at her bedtime. but oh no, she wanted to be passed around, stuff her face with popcorn, and not go to sleep. i've been weening her the past few weeks and i really only nurse her to sleep before i put her down for the night. i tried this, and that mixed with all the popcorn and few sips of root beer she got, her stomach got upset and she puked all over us both. i got us outta there and headed for home. once in her crib, she fell fast asleep. quite an adventure if you ask me.

wednesday, after story time, brooklyn spent a huge chunk of the day helping my in laws tear up the basement to be ready to be re-done. she changed into her work clothes and literally helped for hours. she swept, and then hauled ceiling tiles outside to be thrown away. she got filthy. but boy was she proud of herself. my mother in law bought all the food we needed for dinner that night and i prepped it so we could eat around 7. jeremy and chelsea joined us and we ate some yummy kalua pork, mashed potatoes (thanks chels!), salad, watermelon, and baked beans. a delicious meal for the middle of the week.

that night i got to sneak off to a girls' night. there was swig cookies, glitter toes, and lots of chatting with some of my favorite friends. i may or may not have gotten home after one in the morning. and i  may or may not have been completely exhausted when i woke up the next morning. my age is starting to catch up with me.

the next morning brooklyn had her dentist appointment and luckily that all went well. keni even scored a cute little toothbrush for being such a good little sister. i always hold my breath until i know there are no cavities. so expensive! and thank goodness there weren't any. afterwards, we met up with our friends from canada to do a little swimming. brooklyn has gotten so brave this summer and loved going down the slide into the deep end and swimming back (with floaties on of course) to where we were. she did it almost the entire time we were there. wore her right out!

last night we went to my parents' to celebrate my brother in law's birthday, complete with burgers and texas sheet cake. between dinner and dessert there were some mean games of kanjam enjoyed out on the back lawn. it's definitely becoming a family fave. 

we're excited the weekend is here and have fun plans to check out the fair and attend my cousin's wedding and be with family. everyone is napping in preparation for all the fun to be had. i would be napping, but honestly, i'm too busy day dreaming. ya know, about the next month, fall clothes, and halloween costumes, and fall and pumpkins. no lie. i've held off as long as i could. i'm tempted to light some of my new fall candles, but i've vowed not to until at least september first. hopefully i can make it. if not, that's okay right?

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

summer continues...

our weekend started on friday with some yard work and some delicious chocolate chip cookies from my friend who just decided i needed some. yes. she's awesome. i tried really hard not to eat them all right then and there because we had big plans to hit up summerfest here in bountiful and eat at the cupbop food truck. korean bbq people. i was excited!

we met up with jeremy & chels a few blocks from park where everything was and pushed strollers and walked over. i was starved! i couldn't wait to eat. so while chels and i waited for food, the boys took the girls over to watch some dancers on the stage. during our thirty minute wait... we were informed by cops that the winds were going to start gusting at 70 mph and that a huge storm was rolling in. and boy did it. within three minutes, it was raining HARD, thundering, lightening, hail, and WIND was pounding us. chels and i were next in line. i wasn't about to move. we lucked out and got our food for half off and pot stickers fo free! we ran the two blocks back to the car where our soaking husbands and girls were waiting for us. we were completely drenched. totally worth it!

saturday was a little less eventful. james went and played flag football and the girls helped me clean the house. we were hosting a bbq later that night. as soon as james got home and showered, i put keni down for a nap and went out to pick up last minute bbq-ing things. when i got home, james informed me that, "the big byu 50 box is on the B!" if you don't know what that is, look it up. so we literally jumped in the car and flew up the mountain. sadly, we had already been beat. but james was stoked to score a few free byu t shirts. one for brooklyn too. he was happy.

that night our good friends/past neighbors, the gasu's, and jeremy and chels all came over for the bbq. we ate, talked, laughed, the kids played, the adults played kanjam, and we ended the night with ice cream and fireworks. shh. it was so fun to spend the evening all together and i'm sad we didn't do it sooner! brooklyn misses living next door to shane and so when we see each other she is devastated when he has to leave. 

sunday, i taught my sunday school class, keni made it all through sacrament meeting without having to be taken out (WAHOO!), and then i ended up just taking her home with twenty minutes left of church because she was fighting a nap so hard. she's also been weening the last few weeks so that makes it even harder. we relaxed the rest of the evening, took a drive up mueller park, and just enjoyed the heck out of just being together as just our little family. 

we kept the weekend rolling into monday with tinfoil dinners and banana boats for fhe. it was awesome! try banana boats if you haven't! they're so good! 

chels and i also showed up wearing the same shirt. great minds right?

we hit up seven peaks today as our usual tuesday outing and the weather was perfect. it made me sad thinking that we'll only get to go a few more times before summer is over. my girls love it. i love it. good memories have been there, and it'll always hold a special place in my summer loving heart. 

also, drink of the summer... big al from swig. so good and refreshing!