Wednesday, March 25, 2015

a full day.

yesterday was a full day. so full that by the end of it, i felt seriously exhausted.

we started out early in the day at haley's hair school. brooklyn got her hair done, a pedicure, and the works. she was spoiled. her baby sister was a stinker. it took me putting her in her stroller and walking around the building for twenty minutes to get her to sleep. 

we said bye to haley and headed towards salt lake. i'd been really wanting to try the new swig copy cat in draper called the fix. so we drove out of the way to get a cookie and a drink. the cookie, i'm going to give a c+. not great. brooklyn loved it. i think mostly because it had pink sprinkles and was shaped like a bunny.

then we stopped by james' grandma's house to pick up some bows she was fixing for me, and brooklyn of course, had to play dress up. we headed for home after that and as luck would have it, my parents had just flown into slc and were coming over to say hi for a minute. that is like brooklyn's favorite thing: knowing a visitor is going to be at our house when she gets there. she's a social little thing and nothing makes her happier.

that evening, james took the girls and i got to meet up with some friends for a girls' night. it was awesome. just chatting, eating some desserts, and relaxing. it was awesome. we stayed so late that one of the workers brought out a tray of all their leftover desserts and let us have our pick for free. we'll definitely be going back.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

rainy monday.

i always like fair warning when there's going to be a rainy gloomy day. so when i woke up today knowing and expecting it, i was thrilled! if there's going to be a rainy day in my week, i would absolutely choose monday. it's my laundry day so we usually don't go anywhere and i make the girls stay inside hunkered down with me so i can get that pesky laundry done. 

the girls wanted to go outside so bad, so as soon as dinner was ready and we were just waiting for james to roll in, we went outside. brooklyn with chalk, and poor kendall stuck sitting on her mommy's lap. oh she can't wait for the day that she can do whatever brooklyn is doing. that day is coming too quickly i'm afraid.

i also planned a meal around this gray day. soup. soup and homemade bread. james loves a good soup, while i would almost choose anything else. but this was a hearty soup so i didn't mind. plus, it totally matched the mood of the day.

kendall is turning out to be almost as picky as her big sister. not good. she'll happily eat anything off our plates, not much of it, and she really won't eat baby food. 

after dinner, we bundled the girls up and went for a quick walk. james was hunkering down for the rest of the night writing a paper for his final. one more class down! only 8 more months! plus, he doesn't have class this week so i was totally fine with him spending the evening doing it. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

spring is here!

oh this weekend was a good one. we welcomed spring with a bath in the kitchen sink. kendall was in heaven and thought she was being treated to her own personal swimming pool. she splashed and squealed the whole time she was in there. 

that baby chub. it's slowly going away and i am trying my darndest to just hold on to it. i mean, that double chin and that tummy. 

when james got home friday afternoon we went for a walk around the block and then did a little yard work. mostly he did yard work and i did my best to keep kendall on a blanket and dirt out of her mouth.

brooklyn put on her 'work boots' aka snow boots and wanted to help her daddy every second she could. she was in charge of gathering sticks. then, she got bored and decided to get out some bird feed that we have and she filled up about a hundred cups and slowly spread it around. i think the birds will be hanging out at our house for a little while. 

and because i'm so lucky, i got to have two my sisters come spend the weekend with us. they offered to let us have a date night and i jumped on it. brooklyn and kendall loved having those aunts all to themselves and james and i enjoyed a night out. we ended up ordering out and eating in our car in the parking lot at the temple but it was the best!

we got home and the girls had a fashion show ready for us. red carpet included. it was adorable and i only took crappy cell phone pictures. i'm so sad about that.

kendall as tinkerbell.

brooklyn 'designed' her own dress out of paper, stickers, and marker drawings. she was so happy and proud of her work.

 because we have one o'clock church this year, james and i have decided to take advantage of our mornings before church to put together good meals, watch movies, and FINALLY make sourdough pancakes. i can't believe it took us this long to finally make them, but we did, and they were delicious. the picture obviously doesn't do them justice!

church today was a nightmare, and here is the picture beforehand to prove it.

kendall made it halfway through sacrament meeting and then turned into a monster. needless to say, after sacrament meeting i took that grumpy girl right home to take a nap in her crib. and nap she did. thank goodness. i was sad to miss my other meetings, but i would have been in the mother's lounge with her screaming at me anyway. i think we may be growing some new teeth. poor thing.

the week ahead is looking good. we have a few fun things planned and we're hoping to stay healthy and we're going to take advantage of james not having class this week. yay for a new week!

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

an update with an overload of pictures.

i have a lotta pictures and only a little brain power. so, i'm going to give a very few-worded-breakdown...

the weekend:

lots of family time

swimming with friends

an instacare visit (paranoid about an incident at the pool that we thought may have resulted in a secondary drowning. haven't heard of it? look it up!)

addie's royal birthday party

planted our spring grass


visited grandma & grandpa brown


met up with the jeremy ruesch family after dinner for dessert at pizza pie cafe



rainbow pancakes for breakfast

story time at pottery barn kids (along with sidewalk chalk and tattoos)

another visit to grandma brown's

park time


tracy aviary ($1 wednesdays all through march!) with chels and ellie

and there you have it. a sloppy update, but an update nonetheless. we're hoping this weekend to get in some more park time, cousin time, a date night, auntie googs is coming to stay with us, and maybe even a nap.

h a p p y  t h u r s d a y