Monday, July 14, 2014

the week's end.

first off, thank goodness for the rain we had a couple days ago. it was heaven sent. and brooklyn was pretty thrilled to be outside, alone, in her princess dress, with an umbrella.

friday night, my in-laws treated us to texas roadhouse. it was my FIL's last night here and wanted to go out with a bang. we didn't complain. we stuffed ourselves silly and then headed back to cream gables to relax and just visit.

thanks again gary and lisa!

saturday morning, we all ran errands as a family and gary helped james with fix a few more things around the house. that guy can do it all! then it was time to say goodbye. luckily, we know this one won't be for too long because we'll be in hawaii for thanksgiving.

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

Friday, July 11, 2014


this evening was a good one. chelsea and ellie are back in town after a nice long hiatus and we were anxious to see them again! and with my in-laws here, we had a good full house. it felt nice. we chatted and ate chips and salsa. then, james came home from class and brought out the sparklers. brooklyn's been patiently waiting since her daddy got home monday to do some sparklers. 

so she did that...

and the baby did this...

good. night.

we're ready for the weekend! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

this wednesday...

first, a few pictures of my little tiny.

^i spy a glimpse of a fat roll on that thigh.^ 

my in-laws are here at cream gables, and that means we get to go out and eat at some good spots. red robin being the first. my FIL is only here until saturday and this is one of his favorites, so we HAD to go there. we had to. 

due to a tooth issue for the time being, brooklyn ordered mac and cheese and steamed broccoli. she ate quite a bit of it that picky eater of mine.

because she ate so well, papa and uncle jeremy helped her with the game and vending machines. she was thrilled.

we ended the night with shakes and a movie. our house has been stifling lately and luckily, it even cooled down a little while we enjoyed our flick. thank goodness. nursing a warm baby in a hot house, sweaty!

yay for thursday...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

our fourth of july.

our fourth of july weekend was spent in coalville with my parents and my siblings/spouses. it was yummy food, sand, fireworks, and s'mores.

the day before the 4th, however, the girls and i made our first 'errand run' by ourselves. target of course. it was absolutely successful and made me realize i can do this. it's not so scary. kendall was a champ in the wrap, and brooklyn was a good little shopper like always. phew. we celebrated with drinks and tots at sonic.

friday afternoon we made the trek to coalville. we were so excited! (though you can't tell from the picture)

brooklyn immediately roped grandma into going down to the sand box with her. she'd been dying to play with those sea shells again. my mom was a good sport and hung out with her in the heat for quite awhile.

brooklyn was in heaven.

i really can't capture the real beauty of my parents' backyard and all the landscaping my dad's done, but here is another shot. i love the wildflowers.

after a quick bath to get the sand out of every crevice in her body, brooklyn got a fancy little hair-do from auntie hay. braids. she loves braids. she was pumped. again, you can't tell in the picture.

we missed james so much this weekend. so we made sure to send him lots of snap chats of ourselves so he didn't forget what we looked like.  :)

oh these two. they have a love/hate relationship. here they are 'mostly' loving each other.

right before it got totally dark, we packed up in cars and headed to dev and kenz's house to watch some fireworks. brooklyn was so happy to be at their house. she mostly wanted to just go inside and look around instead of watching the fireworks. not like her. she did get uncle dev to hold her and that made her a little more interested. 

the rest of the weekend involved more sand, some shopping, and lots of s'mores on the deck. it was so relaxing. it's nice to have so much help with brooklyn and kendall on weekends like this, especially when james is gone. my family always steps up and i can't thank them enough. 

we are anxiously awaiting james' arrival tonight and can't wait to love on him and hear all about his weekend. 

h a p p y  t u e s d a y 

Friday, July 4, 2014

a little patriotic...

are you ready for some RED. WHITE. and BLUE?

cause there's about to be a lot of it.

my MIL bought/made these darling patriotic dresses for the girls. i couldn't wait to get my hands on them after she sent me a picture. oh my gosh, i love them! and since i'm not sure of our exact plans for the 4th, i decided to hurry and dress the girls up in them and get some pictures. brooklyn was cooperative because i bribed her with rice krispy treats, and kendall was hungry and mad. darn it. but it made for some cute pictures.

anything for a treat.

i still can't believe i have two! 

how cute is kendall's tiny ensemble?

so we've made it just over 24 hours without our husband/daddy. it's been ok. i made my first outing alone with the girls and it went surprisingly well. a target run was even accomplished. i really thought we'd have problems there. thanks to my wrap, and the awesome/huge new carts at target, we made it. 

we all took naps promptly when we got home. well the girls did. i tried, but couldn't quite fall asleep, and i was exhausted. so hopefully we'll be going to bed a tad early tonight. i'm really hoping so. 

i got some cleaning and some laundry done which felt so good. i'm ready to be at my normal pace again. but i know better than that. i'll at least wait another two weeks. four weeks should be long enough right? i sure hope so.

we're looking forward to some family time, s'mores, and sparklers. even if it's without james. we definitely miss him, but wouldn't want him to be anywhere else right now. 

we'll save some sparklers for ya hun!

h a p p y  4th  o f  j.u.l.y.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

just the girls.

this past week james' sweet grandpa passed away. it happened really fast and it was definitely a sad thing. my in-laws are in southern utah now, and james headed out tonight to be down there for the funeral. so, it's just us girls for several days. hopefully we'll survive.

i definitely won't be bored.

i decided to try and wear the girls out by spending a chunk of time outside this evening. it was so hot. brooklyn ran around on the tramp, drew with chalk, and snuggled (smashed) kendall every chance she got.

kendall mostly just laid there. she fussed a little bit, but mostly just liked being outside.

i munched on her all night. i just can't help myself.

amid the chaotic moments we'll have over the next few days, i really hope i can enjoy the sweet tender ones. 

good luck to us.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2 weeks...

it's been two weeks since this little stork bitten sweetie pie joined our family.

and we are in love.

it's been an adjustment for all of us, but i'd say we're handling it very well. surprisingly enough, brooklyn is adjusting just swimmingly. seriously. so much better than i thought she would. she always wants to help put kendall's binky in her mouth, kiss her, give her a blanket, or lie right next to her.

kendall started off being a patient happy baby, but has slowly turned into her big sister. definitely more fussy and ready to eat NOW when she decides she's hungry. luckily, i've found a few things that really calm her down. holding her up to my eye level and just talking to her, and putting her in the boba wrap. she loves that and it helps me get a lot done when she's not willing to be put down for very long.

at her two week appointment she was right back up to her birth weight. a whopping six pounds eight ounces. we're hoping to fatten her up as quickly as we can.

after a coughing/choking/not breathing fit from kendall, we made an ER run on thursday night, the girls and i enjoyed a nice weekend in coalville with my family. james joined us later on friday. brooklyn loved being able to play with livi and have the attention of her grandparents and aunts and uncles. the highlight may have been the new sandbox in the backyard. she and liv were in heaven. brooklyn mostly loved the sea shells she found in the sand.

there was even the bonus of a little dip in grandpa's pond. the water was freezing, but they loved it.

i got brave for a minute and had whitney chop my hair off. i was planning to do it in august when i was guessing my hair would start falling out, but i couldn't wait any longer. so as soon as i gave whit the go ahead, we just did it. and i. am. so. glad. it's a much needed change and my hair feels so much more healthy. and i'll enjoy the extra thickness for a little while before it starts falling out like crazy.

saturday evening we celebrated kayla's birthday. we bbq'd and had fruit pizza for birthday cake. a tradition kayla has been carrying on for several years now. i won't complain! it was so fun to have everyone together. kendall got passed around and loved every second.

i convinced the girls that we needed to do a 4th of july craft. it's kind of my way to make myself do a craft that i've been wanting to do for awhile. they were good sports. the deck was the perfect spot to craft and chat. we didn't finish until dark, so we got to craft by fire light.

i love this picture of my brother with kendall. he sure loves his nieces.

and this picture, well, james took it and when i was going through looking at all of them, this one made me laugh. so great of both of us. ha!

we kissed james goodbye sunday evening and spent one more night in coalville. my mom was coming to assist me at kendall's two week check-up so we just rode home with her. thank goodness she was there. i'm not quite ready to tackle appointments by myself yet.

today was our first official full day alone. just me and the girls. i didn't even realize it until i woke up and i kind of panicked for a second. but the day went well. we had our moments of chaos, but overall it was a really good day. i got to spend one on one time with both girls and we spent lots of time all together. hopefully most of our days can be like today.

kendall's umbilical cord finally fell off on monday, so today was her first official bath. she loved it. she almost fell asleep, but her mean mama made her get out. oh she was mad. broke my heart. but definitely a relief that she likes the tub.

we couldn't be more excited that july is here! especially this first week of july. the 4th has definitely become one of my favorite holidays. and having kids makes it ten times more fun. hopefully the rest of the week goes as smoothly as today so that by friday, i'm not ready to call it quits and just go to bed early (ya right). 

but as for today...

we totally survived it!

h a p p y  w e d n e s d a y