Wednesday, April 16, 2014

a little practice.

tuesday night called for a little egg hunting practice. like i said, we don't quite know what we're (brooklyn) doing when it comes to that whole tradition. so we invited some friends over and had ourselves a little practice. 

she couldn't wait for them to come over. she knocked on the door and told them we were ready. then she patiently waited. while we were waiting, she told me she was going to find all the pink eggs. and seriously, that's the strategy she went with until i told her she needed to pick up the orange and green and blue ones too. she is such a girly girl.

shane was all business and knows how to collect a big ol basket of eggs. brooklyn kind of followed behind him and picked up the eggs she liked. hopefully that competitive spirit kicks in at some point. 

they were a little confused to open their eggs and not find anything inside. darn it. hopefully that'll make saturday's hunt even more exciting.

after they found all the eggs, we did it all over again. brooklyn was a little better on round two to pick up all the other colors. oh that girl. she is won't be rushed and she's fine to just be there. i hope this means she'll have less anxiety than i did as a child. carefree sounds good to me. a little carefree.

(check out that smolder!)

so with our egg hunting practice out of the way, that means all we have left to do is dye some eggs. of course, that's our 'worldly' easter to do list. there is still the importance of teaching brooklyn the true meaning of easter and why this time of year is so special to us. teaching her about baby jesus will definitely be more easy than teaching her about his death and resurrection, but hopefully with time it'll become something she understands and holds special in her heart. being her mother, with the responsibility of teaching her the important things, can definitely cause me stress and anxiety, but i also love teaching her about these things and having her bring them up later or ask questions. it's a huge responsibility and i do my best to teach her. i hope she'll always look forward to the fun traditions of these holidays, but that she'll also remember and cherish the true meanings. cause that's what this is all about.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

half + half

this weekend was definitely a half & half-er. half productive, and half relaxing. i thoroughly enjoyed both parts. brooklyn got a lot of park time. some of that even being with her favorite friend shane. friday, she got to go to the park twice. she was in heaven over that. the evening park session involved daddy, some chinese take-out, hoodies, and a nice sunset. can't complain about that.

friday morning we took a quick trip to the library. i felt guilty because we honestly hadn't been in a few months. my motivation was to pick up a book i'd been on the waiting list for since january. in fact, i've had four books on hold for months and it's looking like they're all going to be ready to come home with me within a week of each other. that means i'll be reading a lot. i can't wait.

not pictured is brooklyn and i waiting for an hour at a car dealership to get my oil changed. it was quite  a challenge keeping brooklyn entertained in a place like that for so long. lucky for us, they had free popcorn. so we munched on popcorn and watched videos of baby animals on my phone, per brooklyn's request.
 ^^^fun park time with her buddies^^^

after a nice little sand fight at the park, i threw brooklyn in a bubble bath to get all the sand off her hair. she was in heaven getting to bathe at night AND have a bubble bath. it's the simple things in life right?

saturday morning had james up bright and early to go play basketball and then bring home breakfast in bed for brooklyn and i. we're so spoiled. then we put on our work clothes and started a long day of yard work. longer for james. but we definitely got a lot done. getting yard work done is one of the most satisfying things. at the end of the day, even if my house is a bit messy, i still feel great because i can look out my window and breathe a sigh of relief.

brooklyn helped do a few things and then started a snail collection. this included both dead and living snails. after that though, she requested a nap.

saturday night came and we were all exhausted. we had help from our neighbors and j&c, spreading bark in our flower beds. it was so nice. but we were pooped. james had crock potted a delicious meal of bbq pork/chicken and rice. it filled us up and had us ready to hit the hay. 

brooklyn thrives on routine. seriously thrives. if we try and switch it up, she goes a little crazy. her bedtime routine since moving into her big girl room has been, stories read to her by daddy, and then i go in and sing to her and tickle her back. it just works. she loves to spend short amounts of time in her room. especially looking at her books. a few of her favorites right now are: silly sally, don't let the pigeon drive the bus, and little mermaid. i love that she loves to read.

and as for our other little girl, she is growing like a weed. she's most active in the middle of the night which makes me a tad nervous because her big sister did the same and her sleeping habits were not good. oh boy. hopefully we can deal with it better the second time. 

29 weeks.

i'm more happy than i can put into words. i'm so grateful for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy growing baby so far. i know that these little spirits are miracles and i feel so blessed to be entrusted with two daughters of my heavenly father. definitely a big task, but i wouldn't want it any other way. 

h a p p y  t u e s d e e 

p.s. we are so excited for easter festivities these weekend. but first, brooklyn needs to practice her egg hunting. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014


today at my doctor's appointment, we talked scheduling my c-section. there was talk of when we'd like to, and how possible it would be, and all that jazz. little did the doctor know that i've been thinking about this for months. i had a date set in my mind that i really wanted to make happen. i knew that it might not be possible because of scheduling and also the fact that i could go into labor before that date. but i told the doctor the date that we'd like to do it, and he was like,"let's do it!" i was a little stunned at first. like really? it was going to be that easy. so we went along with the ultrasound and did everything else and we went on our way.

a couple hours later, i was at the park with brooklyn and i got a phone call from the doctor's office. it was a nurse. i panicked first. was there something they saw in the ultrasound that was bad? did they find something? were the leg aches i told them about actually something serious? i had about a thousand thoughts go through my mind in five seconds. the nurse then happily said,"we have you scheduled at bla bla bla hospital on bla bla bla at bla bla bla." tears sprang to my eyes and an all too familiar lump formed in my throat. thoughts and feelings of three years ago rushed through my entire body. i remember getting this same phone call for brooklyn and having it feel entirely surreal. i remember thinking no way this was real life. i was really going to have a baby?! there was a date and time? nurses and a doctor at a hospital would be expecting me? unreal. i couldn't wrap my brain around it. today when i heard it i felt the same way. i wanted to cry and laugh and shout it from the rooftops. i'm having a baby. another baby. oh my gosh. another little human for me to take care of. i was completely happy right then and there. 

and then i looked over at brooklyn, with her bucket and ice scraper (we really need to get her a shovel) and i started to get emotional all over again. look at her. she's almost three. my baby is almost three. how? when did this happen? i felt an overwhelmingly gigantic rush of love for her. my little girl. time has flown. she seems so big, and soon she'll be a big sister. i love it. i love all of it, except for the fact that she has to turn three this summer. it made me really appreciate the here and now. i don't want time to speed up, i do because i want to meet this baby girl, but i don't because that means brooklyn will just keeping growing with time. i am so happy to be pregnant and i am just going to enjoy every day. every day that i get to feel this tiny little thing roll around in my stomach. every day that brooklyn is still two. every day that brooklyn still hops up on the couch and says, "i want to snuggle you mom." every day that she still needs my help to get her shirt on just right. 

being a mom is a gift and i hope i never forget.

p.s. totally unrelated, but the best outdoor blankets are at costco. $20. get one. or two.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

sand + park

oh this weather we're having! oh man. it's happy, bright, and honestly exhausting me to my core. who knows. at least i was happy and tired right? 

brooklyn got to play with her favorite neighbor friends, and go to the park twice. twice. she was in heaven. mostly though, she wanted to play in the sand. i think she went down the slide four times and the rest of the time, she wanted to 'build sand castles'. oh that girl.

before her daddy came to the rescue with an ice scraper, she patiently used a plastic spoon to dig in the sand. spoonful by spoonful, she filled that bucket half way with sand. she was so proud of herself.

(yes, she did have a little outfit change. too much sand the first time.)

when james arrived, he took over as park-watch-parent and i headed home to make dinner. we scarfed down our fajitas and then snuggled up on the couch to enjoy a show together. it was so nice. i love nights like these. and days.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

happy list.

things that made me happy today:

1. this little one sleeping in her big girl bed. blows my mind how big she looks.

2. eating breakfast with her and having a nice slow morning.

3. putting fresh clean sheets on my bed.

4. a quick visit from my parents. brooklyn was so happy to see them.

5. a nice organized freezer, thanks to my husband. like i've said before, he's much better at organizing than i am.

6. folding brooklyn's pants, shirts, and jammies and feeling overwhelmingly grateful to be a mother.

7. fresh flowers from my husband. before we walked in the door, he pulled a single tulip out for brooklyn so that she could have her very own. i think it's safe to say that flowers make her just as happy as they do her mama.

8. not having to make dinner. james did it all.

9. ending our family night with a shake (cookie dough & brownie) in the front seat of the car. i loved it. the shake was awesome too.

Monday, April 7, 2014

april conference weekend 2014

conference weekend brings with it a lot of tradition, excitement, and definitely peace. i honestly start looking forward to the next one the monday after it's over. i absolutely love it. it has definitely changed for me as i've hit different stages in my life, getting married, becoming a mother, etc. and becoming a mother has made it a little harder to listen and concentrate on every talk. but i wouldn't have it any other way.

quick brooklyn interruption: she obsessed with things having families. everything has to belong to a family. whether they all look alike or are totally different things, they have to belong to a family. this photo underneath shows three of brooklyn's beloved toys lined up in a row. daddy, mommy, and baby. she is constantly doing this with stuffed animals, kitchen utensils, her food, anything and everything basically. i love this about her. family is already super important to her. and honestly, it's really the only thing she knows right now, but i hope it sticks with her. family IS important and everyone should belong to a family.

conference traditions:

early morning grocery shopping trip to kent's market for their super saturday sale - james went solo this year so that i could sleep in. we got our usual hamburger, and scored an awesome deal on strawberries.

something sweet for breakfast - james brought home fresh hot donuts from kent's. i ate two. i need to be stopped.

homemade bread

not pictured:

jeremy and chelsea (and now ellie) joining us to listen to the second session

the boys going to the priesthood session together

girls' night out - we got take out, crafted, and visited the night away


this year my parents were out of town, so my siblings and i decided we should all still get together and watch conference together.

butterscotch rolls - haley was a trooper and made sure we got to eat these for breakfast. 

treats - more sugar than anyone needs. we had a mountain.

dinner between sessions - whit made a killer lasagna and the rest of us pitched in to make the meal complete.

brooklyn and liv enjoyed a nap during the second session in grandma and grandpa's bed. 

by the end of the day they were done being cooped up in the house and wanted some fresh air. they played on the deck for awhile and thoroughly enjoyed themselves (while their nervous mommies watched from the windows inside).

they really do love each other.

and i've waited looooong enough to share this on the blog. the happiest news in the world!

whit is expecting too! our due dates are exactly two months apart. i love that we get to be pregnant together and that her pregnancy has been a good and healthy one so far. we are so excited to be adding a boy to the holmes grandchildren line-up.

and as for me, i am beyond excited to be in my third trimester! i really can't explain my feelings. it definitely starts to get super real at this point and i have lots to do before this sweet babe makes her way into the world. besides the fact that a few of the things on my to-do list seem daunting, i'm excited to get them done because that means we are almost at the end of this pregnancy and i'll have a baby in my arms at the end of it. brooklyn talks more and more about her baby sister as the days go on, but i really think the transition for her is going to be a tough one. i can only pray that she will adjust with time and lots of love and patience from her mommy and daddy. 

we can't wait to meet this little bundle of pink.

^i think brooklyn's saying "woohoo for the 3rd trimester!"^

Thursday, April 3, 2014


tuesday night, we got to celebrate my dad and his awesome coaching career. and like he said in his speech, it is definitely bitter-sweet because being put into the utah sports hall of fame means his coaching career is over. we all (as his family) miss him coaching.

it was a special occasion full of special people from my dad's life. he had 90 supports there (at the ballroom at the little america) and that's amazing. we were all overwhelmed by the support. 

and the food wasn't bad either.

it was so fun to sit at a table with my siblings, their spouses, and my parents. it was sad not having james there, but he had class darn it. we had a great time visiting and celebrating together. we were anxious the whole time for my dad's turn to finally come. he did not disappoint. i only wish they would have given him more time. 

it got over a lot later than we thought, but it was fun to stay around for a little bit after and visit with family. it really was awesome for them all to come and support my dad. but that's what family's about right?

my siblings and i talked about growing up on the football field thursday nights (helping paint the field), summers spent helping clean out the locker room, weight training, at basketball games and tournaments, and loving every second of it. we loved being a part of it and because of my dad we got to be. we got to sit in our hotel room at state basketball and listen to my dad give one last final pep talk to his senior players. i cried every time. no joke. even at the tender age of five. we all connected with and loved my dad's players just like he did. we did. we loved it all. 

and i'm so glad we got to do it as a family.

congratulations again dad! we love you!