Friday, October 24, 2014

just one week...

until halloween! 

so to celebrate, we took kendall to get her four month shots. just kidding. we really did do that, but to celebrate, i took pictures of the girls in their costumes at a park nearby (with my MIL's help). brooklyn couldn't get her costume on fast enough. she asked all day if it was five o'clock yet. i'd promised her all day that she'd get to wear her costume at five, and she didn't let me forget.

(my cute little witch and sad little giraffe)

i got some of the sweetest pictures of them. kendall wasn't super happy about it, but she put up with the camera in her face and let brooklyn hold her for a little bit. brooklyn was in heaven. posing left and right, she could have stayed in her witch costume all night.

on her 'broom'...

such a sad, cute little giraffe.

and here's the money shot...

luckily my MIL was there, because brooklyn had to go to the bathroom right in the middle of it all, while kendall was waking up in her car seat, and it really could have been a disaster for me. she also helped to get the girls looking up at the camera while i took the pictures.

last year, halloween day was just crazy and i didn't get a lot of good pictures of brooklyn in her costume, so i promised myself that next year (this year) i would take pictures in costumes before the actual trick-or-treating day. and i'm so glad i did.

we are super excited for halloween at our house. brooklyn for obvious reasons, and i just have always loved halloween day. there's an excitement in the air, definitely different from christmas, but i've always been excited for halloween. and having kids has totally brought back more of that excitement. i really can't wrap my brain around the fact that i have two little trick-or-treaters this year. 

my heart is absolutely full. 

sometimes when i step back, i really can't believe that they're mine. they try my patience more than any other humans on the planet, but i love them so much it hurts.

h a p p y  week-before  h a l l o w e e n  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

october so far...

october is killing it. the weather has been beautiful, our flannel sheets are officially on for the next couple months, and brooklyn has been drinking her weight in hot chocolate. we love the leaves, and playing in them with friends. it's flying by and we're trying to enjoy every second!

this is the first year that brooklyn has really gotten excited about pulling out all of our halloween books. she wants to read them all, multiple times. her favorite being the skeleton meets the mummy.

and if you can handle kids' halloween songs in the car, i totally recommend this. i recommended it a year or so ago, and i still stand by it. brooklyn loves it. there are fifty tracks so you don't hear the songs repeated too often. 

some other halloween books we have been reading...

we also pulled out the fall/autumn books. 

i've been burning candles not stop the past few weeks. i love them all and couldn't choose a favorite with a gun to my head. they all smell delicious and make me want to stop time forever. not to mention that kendall is so adorably fat right now that time could stand still and i'd be content. i want her to just get more and more chubby! 

(she wears this outfit once a week. getting good use out of it.)

we love when family remember that we live in davis county when they're in the area. the cute lynch/reynolds family came to kaysville for a soccer game and let us know so that we could see each other. it was so fun to get to chat and swap babes for a little while. 

october is going to be over before we know it, but we could definitely say we squeezed every last good drop out of it. we're looking forward to halloween and dressing the girls up, and going trick-or-treating. after that, the countdown to thanksgiving in hawaii is on.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

this post is for her...

for grandma jackie. 

a year ago today, she left this earth and joined my grandpa in heaven. gosh that was a hard evening. getting the phone call from my dad that she had peacefully passed was gut wrenching and at the same time, it gave me so much comfort. she fought that darn cancer for too long. she dealt with so much pain and discomfort. i hated thinking about her suffering. ugh. but i wanted her to be here. healthy and here. with us. i wanted her to see brooklyn grow up. 

i wish she was here to meet and hold kendall.

i know exactly what she'd say about kendall if she held her today. she'd say, "oh my gosh melinda she's so darn cute! those cheeks!" it hurts. it hurts so much. i want to her to be here to see this cute chubby baby of mine. 


she's not here. she is in heaven and her body is whole. she is no longer suffering and that makes me so happy. i can imagine that she and my grandpa are having so much fun together. catching up, and looking down on us. being proud of us, i hope. and i really do feel like she had something to do with getting kendall here. i found out i was pregnant a week after her funeral. i can just picture her pleading my case up there, fighting for me like she always did. she knew how much i wanted another baby. she knew how much i suffered through my miscarriages. she did something up there to get this sweet baby to me. i truly believe that.

and i know she watches over us. i know she watches over my girls. she laughs with us and cries with us. i'm sure of it. i miss her so much. i miss so much about her. i'm so grateful for all of the good happy memories i have of her. i want to be like her. i hope she knows how much i love her. and if she doesn't, i can't wait to tell her when we see each other again.

and i imagine she'll want to spend a lot of time with these girls of mine.

but until then, we'll keep missing her and reminiscing all the great things there are to reminisce about her. i love you grandma! so so much!

p.s. today i will jog my daily jog in basketball shorts and listen to 90's boy bands in honor of that cute hip grandma of mine, and honestly, i think she'll laugh.

Monday, October 13, 2014

another weekend in october.

how was our week?

no, it really was good. i just love that sweet little mad look on her face. it's almost always there. i love it. our week was pretty good. we did have to go into the doctor really quick so brooklyn's ginormous mosquito bites could get checked out, and we also got our flu vaccinations. all happy at the end.

the leaves on all the trees are killing it lately. the one in our front yard is especially my favorite. and so far this fall, this is the only picture i have of it. i really need to get some better ones before the leaves are all gone.

there's that face again.

thursday evening, chelsea and i had a child free evening (thanks to james and my MIL) and got to go shower one of our friends who is about to have a baby girl in november. so exciting. it was fun to see her for a little bit and get to have some girl talk.

the weekend brought some relaxing and also some projects around the house. we even made a quick trip to logan to tail gate before the homecoming game (which we did not stay for). james's mba program was hosting, and all of brookyln's dreams came true when she saw a table full of donuts and hot chocolate. two of her favorite foods. it was so fun to be up in logan again. dinner at the bluebird and reminiscing all the way there. 

we headed home so that we could watch the game. we only made it to half time and then we all headed to bed. i felt like i'd run a marathon that day.

sunday was a quick trip to coalville for my nephew's blessing. that sweet little guy. didn't make a peep the whole time. in fact, he mostly slept through his dinner too. delicious food by the way.

haley has been here the last two nights and such a HUGE help. she's such a good little helper to me. we love when she's here. the girls love her too. thanks to her help, i got lots done this week and will be able to start my monday off right. i do have signs of a cold, including a sore throat, but hopefully the week will be a good one. 

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

october traditions

all our fall/halloween decor is up and tonight was our annual "ichabod/chocolate waffles night". i really need to come up with a better name. i'll work on that for next year. we had friends and family over for chocolate waffles/ice cream/caramel and to watch ichabod crane. outside!!! my favorite way to do it. we found a very generous family in our ward that owns one and we were able to borrow it for the night. it seriously makes this tradition so much better! i love using a projector outside.

besides watching the movie inside or outside depending on the circumstances, i don't think the tradition of the chocolate waffles will ever change. unless maybe we make them pumpkin waffles. they're so good!

the weather was perfect for a movie outside. it was cool, but not too cool. it really was a beautiful october night.

and how cute are they?

enjoying one of my favorite traditions of the year!

our favorite neighbors. 

jeremy and his gang showed up a little later to complete the get together. 

thank you to everyone who came to make this silly tradition so much fun for me!

and especially to my sister haley for coming hours earlier to help me housework, my kids, and getting everything ready for the night.

i love the picture below. i only wish we were all smiling. i feel like this depicts my every day life. totally captures it!

^^^my blue eyed girl and my gold bat shirt from wal-mart. love them both.^^^

i already can't wait for next year. but this especially makes me excited as it kicks off the awesome holiday season. and having kids around makes the holidays so much more fun!

until next year ichabod. {last year. the year before. and the first year of the tradition.}

h a p p y  halloween  s e a s o n !