Tuesday, November 11, 2014


our lives are in chaos this month, but i found the most awesome thing to keep our heart in the right place and our mind on thanksgiving. enter, the #givewiththanks challenge from the small seed. stop reading here and go check it out for yourself.

they have printouts, family lessons, recipes, ideas for acts of kindness, and a sweet huge tree printout to hang in your home. i love all of it. last night we did the first lesson and tonight we'll be doing the second (we started a little late in the month). brooklyn was so excited to sit and "learn a lesson" about trying to be a little more kind and giving this month. she was even more excited to think of things she's done the last few days that would deserve her a leaf to put up on the tree.

kendall was good to just listen and watch her big sister in all her excitement.

james helped brooklyn cut out her leaves and made sure to get a few leaves on the tree for himself.

i'm really hoping that we'll be mindful all month and have our tree nice and full of leaves at the end of it. and didn't brooklyn do an awesome job of 'coloring' our tree?

h a p p y  g i v i n g !

Monday, November 10, 2014


i can't believe the weekend is over, and that we're already a week into november. time is flying! the past two weeks have especially flown due to the fact that brooklyn seems to be sixteen and kendall, well kendall has grown up a lot too. they are really starting to love to interact with each other. kendall's face lights up when brooklyn approaches her and she gets so excited. brooklyn is constantly mothering her and trying to make her laugh.

it seriously melts my heart.

we celebrated my MIL's 50th before she jetted back to hawaii. brooklyn was so excited to give her balloons and presents. all of the girls went out to lunch to celebrate her birthday and then the guys joined us at a birthday party for her at her mom's. 

before she left, she was able to buy a home. the process definitely took a lot longer than she and my FIL had hoped, but i think it has all been worth it in the end. the home is beautiful and there are already big plans in store for it. in a little over a month, we'll be moving into that home. we're definitely sad to leaving our current home/neighbors/ward but look forward to a new adventure. i'm never really good with change, but hopefully with everything being done by Christmas, i'll be able to handle it.

for the next few weeks we'll be de-junking, cleaning, organizing, and packing before we head to hawaii for thanksgiving so that our stresses will be lessened right before the move. so with all of that, we're enjoying the moments of just being together, the beautiful fall weather, and most definitely getting lots of kisses on a sweet little chubby baby we have around here. 

h a p p y  m o n d a y

Sunday, November 2, 2014

halloween 2014

so, we'll back up from the actual halloween day. on tuesday night, we hit up the pumpkin walk in north logan with our favorite neighbors. i've been wanting to go to the pumpkin walk since i last lived in logan in 2007. i loved the pumpkin walk while i was up there and always wanted to go back. it definitely lived up to the hype of my memory and it was so fun to go with friends.

we had dinner at the bluebird before.

and then met up with haley at the pumpkin walk. it was COLD. super cold. we put kendall in her halloween costume because it is the warmest thing she had. she made it almost all the way through without being sad, but then she decided she was starving so i had to trick-nurse her while walking through the rest of the pumpkin displays. that was quite some professional nursing i tell ya. thanks to haley to making sure i was covered up. brooklyn, shane, and gavin loved it. they loved running from one display to the next.

james had fun too ;)

there were some awesome fun displays, lots with tons of detail, but this one made me laugh. it made us all laugh. we were dying! and it was funny to hear the people behind us come up on it too. 

(if you don't get this, then you are missing out on a great movie!)


halloween day came and brooklyn was so excited she could hardly stand it. lucky for her, we got to trick-or-treat in the morning like years past at mckay dee hospital. it's been a fun tradition. 

on our way home, we grabbed the $1.99 happy meals at mcdonald's, and then brooklyn got to paint her pumpkin. anything to do with painting and she's a happy camper. she loved it.

i had chili cooking in the crock pot all day, brooklyn anxiously awaited going trick-or-treating with her friends, and when it finally came, we were surprised at how warm the weather was and that we really didn't even need to eat something hot like chili. so we ate it afterwards.

^^^you can see the finished product of brooklyn's pumpkin painting on the top right step^^^

we joined forces with jeremy & chelsea, my MIL, and our neighbors and were off to a great retirement neighborhood that is perfect for trick-or-treating. no stairs up to doorways, and the kids can basically do it themselves. we just followed alongside them. such a fun night.

kendall slept through most of it and was good for the rest of it. her first trick-or-treating experience was a good one. once brooklyn's bucket was full, we headed back to the house where we ate chili & cornbread and watched episodes of the office. way better than any scary movie. we called it a night pretty early because we had to get up for a wedding the next morning. 

we went to the sealing, and then took kendall over to city creek for a momentous occasion... piercing her ears. i can't tell you how much anxiety this gives me, even though i know the outcome is good and that everything is just fine right afterwards. my mom was there and she's the exact same way. unfortunately, just like with brooklyn, the gun got stuck on the first ear. i couldn't believe it was happening again. seriously, how bad is my luck! kendall was heart broken, screamed, and then went to sleep. the actual piercing of the ears went quickly thank goodness and we could all go back to regular breathing and normal heart rates. the result is totally worth it and i know she'll be glad she has them whens she's older. just like her big sister.

a few pictures from the weekend (that had nothing to do with halloween). 

(cutler & kendall - 10 weeks apart)

^^^this melted my mama heart. kendall hates her bumbo, but as long as brooklyn would sit there and watch blues clues with her, she was content to sit there.^^^

h a p p y  n o v e m b e r 

18 days til hawaii!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

pumpkin palooza

tonight was the pumpkin palooza at the utah state botanical gardens in kaysville. we were lucky enough to be some of the first 100 people there to get free donuts and root beer. always a good start to a night when donuts are involved.

brooklyn was thrilled!

it was absolutely freezing and trying to keep our chubby little giraffe and our sassy little witch warm was quite a chore. kendall and i did get lucky to take a nursing break in the nice warm car.

brooklyn got to have her face painted. if there is face painting within a hundred miles, she wants it done. totally her favorite!

brooklyn and ellie posing in front of the spooky painting... before they got too cold.

there were several activities for kids and adults to do and i really think if it hadn't been so cold, it would have been a lot more enjoyable. brooklyn really didn't really seem to mind the cold. she just kept asking what was next.

my MIL tried so hard to get a good family picture for us, but brooklyn has turned into a difficult picture taker as of late. but we got a few decent ones. little stinker!

the fun ended with a costume contest that took waaaay too long. brooklyn was really stoked about it even though she had no idea what it was. when her name was finally called, she wasn't sure what to do and just stood there. then she wanted to know if she won. we left before that happened. it was freeeeezing and there were way too many little people in that costume contest. so as we were getting ready to leave we heard them announce that there were bracelets and candy for all of the participants. that made her night. 

we're going to bed nice and warmed up, and ready for another fun day tomorrow!

up next, the pumpkin walk!

Monday, October 27, 2014

pumpkin carving

i can't believe we've basically had our last weekend in october. this month has flown! and there's still so much fun to be had! i really will be sad to see this month go. it's been a gem. our weekend consisted of pancakes for breakfast, lots of fall leaves, and some pumpkin carving. not to mention, james and i cleaned out our closet and it felt oh so gooood.

every time brooklyn holds kendall she wants me to take a picture. i don't every time, but i'm glad i did on this one. they look so different from each other, yet so alike.

the leaves on the trail that i jog every day are killing it. i love all the colors. so sad that it'll all be gone soon.

sunday evening we carved pumpkins. brooklyn has been anxiously awaiting this activity all week. she couldn't wait to 'carve' her pumpkin. 

jeremy and chelsea joined us, and lisa chased all the girls around for us. definitely a team effort to get those 7 pumpkins carved. good job team!

i think we were all pretty happy with the turnout. 

i'm really almost kind of sad that that part of our october traditions is over. good thing we have lots of fun halloween plans this week. james doesn't have class either, so we are going to jam pack it with as much as we can!

(kendall is wearing brooklyn's old outift and hat. i love seeing her in her big sister's old stuff.)

after our pumpkins were all carved, i couldn't help but add a touch of gold. spray paint that is. i love how they look. the lighting in these pictures don't do them justice. i'll have to re take some tomorrow.

can ya tell who's is who's?

jack-o-lanterns might be my favorite halloween decor. i seriously love them. after i took these pictures, kendall and i just sat out there and looked at them. i'm obsessed!

this might be my favorite pumpkin porch yet.

bring on a fun-filled/crazy/halloween week!