Thursday, November 19, 2015


if you're wondering what fall in bountiful is like, well, it's leafy. with lots of mature trees around, we're surrounded by leaves! it's a child's playground out there! multiple times this week, brooklyn has gone out and raked piles of leaves just so she could jump in them, make 'leaf angels', and throw them up in the air. and when she's done, she comes in for a nice cup of hot chocolate.

we've taken our halloween books down and replaced them with books about thanksgiving, and eating in general. we've also brought out all the wintry snowy books. i can honestly say, i love every single one of these books!

kendall loves getting to go outside and play in the leaves. she just kind of watches brooklyn and laughs. it's so cute.

these two have the best time together. as long as brooklyn isn't being too bossy and kendall is being patient, they get along just swimmingly.

they sure do love each other.

h a p p y  almost  f r i d a y !

Monday, November 16, 2015

halloween 2015.

trick-or-treating started the day before halloween at mckay dee hospital. our running tradition for the last three years. but this was our last as james has taken a new job. we were glad kendall got in on the action for at least one year. 

she absolutely loved it and brooklyn held her hand the whole time. they got the "trick-or-treat" and "thank yous" down by the end and both of them were sad when it was time to head home.

brooklyn was a 'pirate fairy' (thank you costco!) and kendall a cute little baby elephant. people could not get enough of her both days of trick-or-treating. they all thought she was just adorable. and she was.

saturday, the girls and i slept in while james went to help people move, then we all showered up and got ready for the day and headed to mcdonald's to get them their once a year $1.99 happy meal. brooklyn remembered doing this last year so she was especially excited.

then it was home for naps and then down to main street to do some more trick-or-treating. this time with the other ruesch clan. the girls looked so cute walking down the street together in their costumes. and yes, kendall loved it. don't let that scowl fool you.

brooklyn ran into her cute little friend emma and thought that was the best!

right before we called it quits, kendall was invited to be entered in the costume contest for cutest costume. i'm telling you, people could not get enough of her in that! we're guessing she didn't win, because it's the middle of november and we still haven't heard anything. oh well. she was the cutest little elephant to us!

after trick-or-treating, we went to a ward/neighborhood halloween dinner. we have great people in our ward! we visited with friends, ate a little, and then headed home. we were actually having chili and cornbread with jeremy and chelsea as part of our halloween traditions. it was nice to end the night a little early and just relax, eat, and visit.

it wouldn't be complete without 'faux' caramel apples: aka grapes dipped in caramel and pecans. delish! try it!

the day after halloween, i woke up and promptly pulled everything halloween off the walls. i always love having it up, but am more  than ready every year to get it down. then my house can look a little bear until i decorate for christmas at the end of november. thanksgiving can't come soon enough!

october activities. a lot of them.

this will be the big catch up post leading up to actual halloween day. we packed a lot in during october and november first definitely had us breathing a sigh of relief. i slapped these pictures on without editing them so they are horrible quality as most of them are from my phone. 

ward halloween carnival - 

brooklyn of course had to get her face painted. she and kendall were taken by young women around to every game and loved every second. crying when we had to leave.

pumpkin patch with cousins, aunts, and grandma! my girls were in heaven getting to go to the pumpkin patch again, and this time with cousins. they loved it.

we went with a group of friends to tour the mrs. cavanaugh's chocolate factory. brooklyn loved being with friends but didn't love the chocolate samples. kendall and i took care of them for her.

the monday before halloween we had a party with friends and the kids all came in their costumes. we ate chilis, soups, and all kinds of desserts. james and i brought homemade root beer that exploded all over our kitchen before hand. stickiest mess i've ever seen.

here's brooklyn taking a whack at the pinata.

hotel transylvania 2. probably the last movie kendall will go to for awhile. james ended up in the hall with her for about forty minutes of it. brooklyn loved it though, and i thought it was cute, so well worth our $5 tickets.

brooklyn participated in her first primary program and my parents made the drive to come support her. they even brought dinner with them to feed us afterward. talk about lucky!

brooklyn said her part, "i'll honor his name", sang most of the songs, and provided some good entertainment for the congregation. oh boy. she's got a lot of her dad in her. ;)

centerville hosts a pumpkin walk and we decided last minute to go. i was hopeful for something like logan's pumpkin walk but was sorely disappointed. but, they did serve cotton candy, popcorn, and hot chocolate so my girls were in heaven. we'll go back next year just for that.

brooklyn was so excited to spot a jake and the neverland pirates pumpkin. 

see what i mean by a busy month? phew. next up, trick-or-treating.

carving pumpkins.

man oh man this poor neglected blog! a whole month since i've posted and that means i have so much catching up to do. so, first things first, the rest of our halloween festivities.

carving pumpkins was quick and painless this year. we kind of rushed through it which made me sad, but brooklyn loved it, kendall wasn't too sure, and i think that's all ok. 

kendall did not like pulling the guts out of her pumpkin

brooklyn used the spoon method. the whole time she kept saying hers was going to be the scariest jack-o-lantern ever. she was pumped about it.

james is always a good sport about these things and helped me with the girls' and mine. we didn't do anything fancy this year and they were about as plain as could be, but at least we did it right?

the girls loved watching them light up and wanted to stay out there all night. they kept oohing and aahing and it made it all worth it. hopefully next year we'll have something more creative up our sleeves.

Friday, October 16, 2015

the pumpkin patch.

i feel like you can never go to pumpkin patches too much during the fall. i really think i wouldn't get sick of going every weekend. i love the atmosphere, the colors, the smells, the excitement of halloween around the corner. seriously, what's not to like?

i convinced my family to go to another one (besides black island farms) last week before i had to go to young women's. it was nice weather, maybe even a little too warm, and the girls loved just running around the pumpkin patch and watching other families pick pumpkins. we decided we needed a couple more to add to the front porch. but pressure was off from picking the perfect ones. ya know, cause we already got those at black island farms. brooklyn really wanted to help. so we let her pick a small one and james and i picked a really good 'cinderella' one. we even picked up a few small ones for the girls to paint later.

it was nice to just follow the girls around and watch them take it all in. kendall loved patting the pumpkins and brooklyn wanted to pick up the biggest ones she could find.

it was short and sweet and that's all i wanted. i definitely obsess over the seasonal activities and traditions and i'm glad my little family doesn't mind indulging me. i just hope i don't wear them all out before brooklyn is even ten. gotta keep it all magical somehow. 

h a p p y  w e e k e n d !

Thursday, October 15, 2015

ichabod + chocolate waffles

last week for fhe, we did our annual beginning of october tradition of chocolate waffles with ice cream + caramel, and watching ichabod. this year, it wasn't just me looking forward to it, brooklyn has been asking about it since this summer. it makes me so happy that she remembers these traditions and looks forward to them. she could hardly wait all that day, asking over and over when it was finaaaally time watch the movie.

our guests were few this year. bless chelsea for making the trek over alone with her two kids, so that we could have a little bit of company to join in our tradition. we started with the waffles, which were inhaled, and then brooklyn had us down in the basement for the movie seconds after. brooklyn watched every second of it this year. kendall watched parts, and ellie loved to know what was happening every five seconds. it really is getting more and more fun every year!

after everyone was gone, i dressed the girls in their matching glow in the dark skeleton jammies and put them to bed. but i totally forgot to take a picture. so, the next morning, after breakfast of course, i had them pose out on the front porch by our pumpkins, bed head and all, for a few pics. these were the best i got.

oh these two. they keep my on my toes, but they sure love each other. what else could i possibly ask of them?